Beer Drinking Season

Draft Picks

St. Patrick's Day is nearly here which means we're closing in on Beer Drinking Season again.
You'd better pick up a t-shirt that lets everyone know you got game. We found a couple of them - one on and one on My Party Shirt that'll make your future drinking team read twice. Drinks Well With Others and Irish I Had Another Beer.

Drinks Well With Others

Always the A-type... you set your goals and you go for them and being a polite beer drinker is an important skill set when it comes to getting invited to the next party.
Just don't forget to bring some chips or something.

Irish I Had Another Beer

When starting out in Drinking Season, you can (tee hee) always use another shirt. At least this one will hide the color of your brew and at these prices, you can get a few to swap out when one gets wet.

So, there you have a couple of ideas to get the keg rolling in the right direction.

Always remember to drink responsibly. No one likes a guzzler that gets behind the wheel.

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