National Drink Wine Day

With it being National Wine Day here in the United States (France doesn’t need a “day” because France is all about wine like Chicagoans are about pizza,) It seemed only appropriate to showcase some fun tees found on Zazzle.

I improve with Wine Find it at Zazzle
Wine improves with age I improve with Wine! T Shirts are the perfect way to feel better about getting older… well, not really.
Yes, wine does, indeed improve with age. In fact, we all improve with age… no, that’s a lie, but we can feel better about ourselves with a little help from our aged grape friends and a funny t-shirt.

Wine shirt Find it at Zazzle
The Best Camouflage Shirt Ever for Drinking Wine.
If you know a sloppy sipper – maybe someone who swirls a little too hard on the waft (what does that mean??), this shirt is brilliantly coordinated to hide blemishes.

#wine:30 - Twitter what your pouring! Tee Shirts Find it at Zazzle
#wine:30 – Tweet what your pouring! Tee Shirt #NationalDrinkWineDay
We just couldn’t get away without a nod to social media (a little weird but, whatever). For all of the wine lovers out there, this is the day to rub it in the face of the cute cat videos (yeah, even the ones with those little kittens… awww.)

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